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iPadOS 16 is postponed

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Mark Gurman reports that Apple has chosen to delay iPadOS 16 with Stage Manager until October, one month after the launch of iOS 16 in September.

“Postponed a month”


And the reason must be precisely the new multitasking experience.


Exactly what the cause of the delay is uncertain, but Gurman has been critical of it and he writes that the beta test has revealed "criticism from some developers and users for bugs, a confusing interface and lack of compatibility with most iPads. Because Apple has a lot to launch, this will allow Apple to devote more technical resources to completing iOS 16, the software update that will arrive with the iPhone 14 in September.”


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The iPad Pro M2 is on its way

Whether this means that Apple is going to change how Stage Manager works, the visuals, or just correct errors that are quite common during a beta period, we do not yet know.


Gurman, who has previously leaked that a new iPad Pro with an M2 chip is on the way, believes that Apple may want to launch iPadOS 16 closer to the new hardware.


We've had iPadOS 16 since the first developer beta and haven't experienced major technical errors since beta 3. The latest version is beta 4, which was launched a week ago.

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