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This is how the new iPad will be

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MySmartPrice has obtained technical drawings of the upcoming iPad.

It's time to majorly upgrade the iPad launched last September
This is the largest of the affordable boards from Apple with a starting price of 3990, but then you only get 64GB of storage space. We are unsure whether Apple will eliminate the 64GB model. It is quite possible that they will keep it in order to continue to offer the device from NOK 3,990.


This is also the only tablet left with the old, slightly rounded design. Guess what's happening this year? The design is being upgraded and will therefore match the Pro, Air, and mini.



Wider screen, thinner and with a modern design
In addition, customers who want the most affordable board in the class get a four-speaker system and, of course, USB C.


The screen (10.5″ or 10.9″) will be wider, and the device thinner, with dimensions of 248.62 x 179.5 x 6.98 mm, but narrower than the iPad 9th generation 10.2″'s dimensions of 250, 6 x 174.1mm x 7.5mm.


Beyond that, an A14 chip is expected, up from the current A13. No shock there then. To keep the price down, there is only one camera on the back, but at least it is equipped with an LED flash.

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