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How to remove Samsung's new lock

Samsung Galaxy mobiles running One UI 6.1.1 block the loading of unauthorized apps by default.

Both of the new Z-mobiles from Samsung have this activated as standard
Mao. are the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Flip6 the first mobiles to be delivered with the ban as standard, if you do not deactivate the option when you set up the mobile for the first time.


The function is called “Auto Blocker,” and blocks the following:


  • Blocks apps from unverified sources

  • Blocks commands from USB device

  • Blocks malware images from photo apps

  • Blocks software updates via USB cable


For all other Galaxy models that have installed 6.1.1, luckily there is a way to remove the restriction from settings, security and privacy and find "Automatic blocking" a little further down the page. Press the text to retrieve information about what is blocked with the corresponding button to deactivate the security functions.


Users with the new One UI can also activate Max Protection which does this:


  • Turns on app protection: Checks installed apps for malicious activity.

  • Blocks device management apps: Prevents activation of device management apps and job profiles to protect against potential malicious attacks.

  • Blocks automatic downloads of attachments: Prevents automatic downloads of message attachments to protect against malware, while allowing manual downloads from trusted sources.
  • Blocks hyperlinks and previews: Protects you from accidentally clicking hyperlinks or viewing preview images, and protects you from malicious websites.

  • Removes location data when sharing photos: Prevents the recipient from being able to determine where the photo was taken when you attach a photo to a message in Samsung Messages or share a photo from Samsung Gallery.

  • Block shared albums: Protects you from sharing sensitive information and accepting invitations from unknown senders.
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How to remove Samsung's new lock

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