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Claims Samsung's own laptop CPU is on its way

General|May 14, 2021

In Korea, it is rumored that Samsung is following in Apple's footsteps and developing its own processors for laptops, the Exynos 2200. [more]


Samsung's 512GB DDR5 RAM is RAW: up to 112 percent faster

General|Mar 27, 2021

7200 Mb / s DDR5 RAM chips are on their way from Samsung, but unfortunately they are not aimed at your gaming computer. Not yet. [more]


Samsung will launch its own AirTag rival: the Galaxy Smart Tag

General|Dec 2, 2020

Sammobile has unveiled the Galaxy Smart Tag with the model name EI-T5300. [more]


Finally good news: SSDs are getting faster and cheaper

IT|Nov 12, 2020

Micron Technology is ready with the next generation 3D NAND which has as many as 176 layers, an increase from 96 [more]


New NVMe from Samsung takes off: 7,000MB / s and 5,000MB / s - here are the prices

General|Sep 23, 2020

PCIe 4.0 makes it possible. [more]

This is Samsung's new mobile that only costs 2000 kroner

General|Jul 20, 2020

But it has a big problem. [more]


First in the world with external 8TB SSD, but for a price!

IT|Jul 2, 2020

Samsung has launched a new internal SSD. [more]

Samsung's Blu-Ray players are suddenly completely useless

General|Jun 23, 2020

Something strange happened on Friday. [more]


This is the new way to charge all the little things

General|May 10, 2020

Know about WLC first as last. [more]

So much worse is the Galaxy S20 in Norway

General|Apr 29, 2020

Much lower battery life with Exynos. The Galaxy S20 Plus with Snapdragon does not surprisingly have a much better battery life than the Exyons model. But now a robotic test has really been proven. [more]


Samsung confirms: these Galaxy models will not get Android 10

Google|Feb 28, 2020

Someone in the customer service department is guaranteed to get a call afterward. [more]


Samsung has started rolling out Android 10 for the Galaxy S9

General|Jan 30, 2020

Coming to Norway soon. [more]


Here they have managed to get the new Android feature working

General|Jan 26, 2020

Here's how Google's AirDrop clone. [more]


Samsung has developed virtual keyboard - to be shown in January

General|Jan 1, 2020

But you don't see the keyboard in front of you. [more]


Samsung will do better than OnePlus and Google - Galaxy S11 can have 120Hz display

General|Nov 22, 2019

Revealed in leaky screens. [more]


Samsung Customer Finds Simple Security Glitch That Allows Authentication Bypass in Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Reader

General|Oct 17, 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Reader Glitch A customer has found a security flaw with her Samsung phone. [more]

Severe Android hole discovered - these phones are affected

Google|Oct 10, 2019

Both Huawei, Samsung and Pixel phones are on the list. [more]


Galaxy Tab S6 leak reveals brand new camera setup and wireless charging of pen

General|Jul 12, 2019

It may look like Samsung skips the Galaxy Tab S5. [more]


Samsung leak reveals 5G news

General|Jun 29, 2019

OnLeaks and Ice Universe claim there are two new models. [more]

The "Your Phone" feature has been supported by several mobile phones

Microsoft|Apr 28, 2019

Microsoft also introduces synchronized alerts. [more]

Don't even need a power cable: Samsung's futuristic TV becomes completely cordless

IT|Mar 8, 2019

Patents reveal big plans. [more]

Brand new leak: see what Samsung does for crypto users

Google|Jan 28, 2019

And so far the clearest picture we have seen of a real Galaxy S10. [more]

Predicts huge drop in prices for RAM and SSD next year

General|Oct 19, 2018

DRAMeXchange, a subdivision of TrendForce, claims we will see a sharp fall in prices for RAM and SSD next year. Declining demandEarlier reports have already claimed that we will see something similar in the fourth quarter of this year. However, for 2019 the great prophecy applies. If... [more]

Check out Samsung's new Galaxy with four cameras

General|Oct 12, 2018

Revealed tomorrow - this is not an S-model. The Galaxy A9 seems to be one of Samsung's most exciting mobile phones for a while, and it is launching tomorrow. [more]


Download Windows 11 here

Microsoft|Jun 18, 2021

Sony promises big Playstation 5 update - has launched beta program

General|Jun 18, 2021

OnePlus becomes part of Oppo

General|Jun 17, 2021

Apple has launched Beats Studio Buds: cheaper than AirPods Pro and with Atmos and "Spatial Audio"

Apple|Jun 16, 2021

The inventor of the graphite anode: What Tesla can do in 70 minutes, we do in ten minutes

General|Jun 15, 2021

Microsoft will not support Windows 10 after 2025

Microsoft|Jun 14, 2021

New AI: Artificial intelligence on a par with the brain

IT|Jun 13, 2021

Mozilla skeptical: Google wants to end third-party cookies

Google|Jun 12, 2021

Launches iOS 4 as an app

Apple|Jun 11, 2021

New updates for Windows 10 are being rolled out

Microsoft|Jun 10, 2021

Apple is not done with Intel: planning Mac Pro upgrade

Apple|Jun 9, 2021

Jeff Bezos joins space himself

General|Jun 8, 2021

Here are the first screenshots from Battlefield - Norwegian revealed encrypted message

General|Jun 7, 2021

They work together! Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla will standardize browser extensions

IT|Jun 6, 2021

Chrome will soon help you avoid dangerous browser extensions

Google|Jun 5, 2021