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Apple will move iPad production to India

General|Feb 20, 2021

Apple is lobbying the Indian government to make it possible to manufacture iPads in India for the first time. According to Reuters, Apple wants to move more and more of its production out of China, in order to minimize the loss of revenue resulting from the trade war between the United... [more]

Now Apple will probably do this with its products

Apple|Dec 6, 2020

Tired of the gray and silver colors that cover Apple Mac products? [more]

There’s something in the iPad Air for enterprise IT

Apple|Sep 17, 2020

Will the new A14 Bionic chip appear in future Macs? And how much more performance can Apple tweak from the 5nm design? [more]

Why can't iPadOS 14 do this?

Apple|Jul 22, 2020

The talented designer Parker Ortolani has once again done what Apple does not mind: create a home screen that makes sense. [more]

Brand new iPad Pro is coming early next year

Apple|Jun 4, 2020

It might be next year's iPad Pro you're really waiting for, and not the weak update this year. [more]

Apple has released iOS 13.5 with covid framework

Apple|May 21, 2020

Download to iPhone and iPad. Two days ago beta testers gained access. Now, 13.5 has been launched for the public. [more]

Now everyone can download iOS 13.5

Apple|May 19, 2020

You just have to be beta testers. [more]

Apple believes security companies are lying

Apple|Apr 27, 2020

- Has not found evidence that the error has been exploited. [more]

This message crashes iPhone

Apple|Apr 25, 2020

Stay away and do not spread it further. [more]

iPhone 9, iPad Pro 4 and Apple TV revealed in iOS 14

Apple|Mar 11, 2020

AirTag also confirmed [more]

Apple is moving parts of production out of China

Apple|Feb 20, 2020

Applies to both AirPods, iPad and Apple Watch. [more]

The email app

Apple|Nov 23, 2019

Built from the bottom. [more]

update iphone: Download new iOS and iPadOS

General|Nov 19, 2019

13.2.3 fixes quite as serious errors. [more]

Frightened by the price of Apple's iPad keyboard? This costs 1000 kr less

Apple|Apr 4, 2019

Logitech has announced a new keyboard suite for the 2018 edition of the iPad Pro. [more]

Download iOS 12.3 - try Apple's new TV app

Apple|Mar 30, 2019

Beta 1 launched everyone who wants to. [more]

Therefore, you do not get the iCloud backup from iPhone to iPad transferred

Apple|Jan 9, 2019

This issue irritates some new iPad users. Just before Christmas last year, Apple launched an iOS update for the iPhone - iOS 12.1.2. [more]

New iPad Pro is Apple's second thinnest ever

Apple|Nov 11, 2018

But being beaten by this. Both phones and computers become thinner as technology evolves. The iPad is no exception. [more]

iPad Pro is almost as fast as a MacBook Pro

General|Nov 6, 2018

The A12X Bionic performs well in synthetic tests. When Apple presented the new iPad Pro, they also showed the performance of their new A12X Bionic-SoC, which was made using TSMC's 7nm FinFET architecture. [more]

Apple has launched iOS 12 - everyone can download now

Apple|Sep 19, 2018

Download! September means new iPhones and new versions of the iOS operating system. This year is no exception. [more]

The Apple Store had to be evacuated after the iPad battery exploded

Apple|Aug 25, 2018

Three employees experienced breathing problems. The iCulture website reports that an Apple Store in Amsterdam in the Netherlands had to be evacuated after an iPad battery exploded. [more]


Download this update to avoid damaging your MacBook with a USB hub

IT|Feb 27, 2021

Is Elon in trouble because of this?

General|Feb 26, 2021

DOWNLOAD: major Windows 10 update

Microsoft|Feb 25, 2021

Microsoft slashes Windows 10 long-term support by half

Microsoft|Feb 24, 2021

Huawei begins rollout of HarmonyOs

General|Feb 23, 2021

New Design!

General|Feb 22, 2021

Apple wants to know everything about Steam

Apple|Feb 21, 2021

Apple will move iPad production to India

General|Feb 20, 2021

This is what Android 12 looks like

General|Feb 19, 2021

Facebook is blocking news in Australia

General|Feb 18, 2021

iOS 14.5 beta 2 has been launched - battery life has been announced

Apple|Feb 17, 2021

Zuckerberg is furious at Tim Cook

General|Feb 16, 2021

iPhone 13 revealed

Apple|Feb 15, 2021

This cabinet is DANGEROUS

IT|Feb 14, 2021

Download this Windows 10 update now

Microsoft|Feb 13, 2021