US Military Is Paying Around $1 Billion To Access Microsoft’s Source Code

Microsoft | Dec 23, 2016 | Master3395

Microsoft has informed about a correction statement from the DOD which is to clarify the misleading language of the contract announcement. The contract doesn’t provide DOD, the rights to access Microsoft’s proprietary source code.

DOD Statement: “The Department of Defense does not, and will not, have access to Microsoft’s proprietary source codes. The METSS-II contract is a sole-source follow-on contract to continue and leverage Microsoft support services.”

A DISA spokesperson told Fossbytes that the “blue badge” Microsoft employees will be having access to the source code.

In a non-competitive bidding for enterprise support, Microsoft has won the US Department of Defence’s contract for $927 million. It will allow DoD to access Redmond’s closed-source code when needed.

In a press release, the US Department of Defense has announced that Microsoft has been awarded a contract of $927 million in a non-competitive bidding. 

As a part of the contract, the DoD’s IT wing DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) will be getting a Blue Badge Cardholder support for Microsoft Enterprise Technical Support Services. This involves specialized support from Microsoft employees rather than third-party people in the case of Orange badge support.

Apart from Microsoft Premier support and consulting services, DoD will also be able to “access to Microsoft source code when applicable to support Department of Defense’s mission.”

The support will be provided at DoD’s facilities based in the US, as well as, in multiple locations outside the US soil.

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