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Microsoft announces new security services and features for AI deployments

Category: Microsoft|May 6, 2024 | Author: Admin

Late last week, Microsoft announced that after a series of high-profile data breaches that involved its services, it had decided it would now be "making security our top priority at Microsoft, above all else." Today, as part of the annual RSA Conference in San Fransisco, the company... [more]

The US Government Has a Microsoft Problem

Category: Microsoft|Apr 16, 2024 | Author: Admin

When Microsoft revealed in January that foreign government hackers had once again breached its systems, the news prompted another round of recriminations about the security posture of the world’s largest tech company. [more]

Apple warns of increased iPhone security risks

Category: Apple|Mar 2, 2024 | Author: Admin

Apple has told its European customers that new EU competition laws will make iPhones less safe. [more]

Cloudflare DDoS Protection Flaws Allowed Security Bypass Via Cloudflare

Category: IT|Oct 2, 2023 | Author: Admin

Although Cloudflare provides resilient DDoS protection, a researcher devised a strategy to bypass the security measures using Cloudflare itself. The process involves exploiting logic flaws in the firewall that allow an adversary to perform DDoS attacks on the target device. [more]

Apple fixes 16 security flaws with iOS 16.6, two actively exploited

Category: Apple|Jul 27, 2023 | Author: Admin

Apple has released iOS 16.6 today for everyone and while the update doesn’t come with new user-facing features, it has over a dozen important security fixes. And notably, two of the fixes are for actively exploited flaws. [more]

If you do not deactivate Gigabyte's function, you may be at risk of hackers

Category: IT|Jun 1, 2023 | Author: Admin

The security company Eclypsium has revealed that Gigabyte motherboards have a backdoor that few users know about. [more]

"Don't enable Google's new feature"

Category: Google|Apr 27, 2023 | Author: Admin

"The big improvement everyone with passwords has been waiting for," Now we are not so sure anymore whether it pays to activate cloud storage in "Google Authenticator." [more]

Admits lying

Category: General|Feb 2, 2023 | Author: Admin

Do you remember the case from December last year, "Cameras sold in Norway are a security disaster"? [more]

Cameras sold in Norway are a security disaster

Category: IT|Dec 4, 2022 | Author: Admin

"Server error" allowed Eufy owners to see into each other's homes," [more]

Mean Apple's iPhone security is nonsense

Category: Apple|Oct 22, 2022 | Author: Admin

"VPN connections on the iPhone did not secure," [more]

Microsoft security vulnerabilities drop after five-year rise

Category: Microsoft|May 29, 2022 | Author: Admin

While elevated privilege attacks remain a critical security concern when using Microsoft products, a new report says that the raw number of vulnerabilities is dropping. [more]

OpenSSL squarely rooted by cert parsing bug

Category: IT|Mar 17, 2022 | Author: Admin

LibreSSL issues patches as well. A bug in the very popular open-source OpenSSL cryptography library can be abused to cause an infinite loop which causes a denial of service condition, security researchers have found. [more]

Long names are a security issue for Apple users

Category: Apple|Jan 4, 2022 | Author: Admin

A bug in iOS 14 and older versions causes HomeKit to crash, and more. [more]

Smart mobile function on its way to Windows

Category: Microsoft|May 28, 2024 | Author: Admin

The camera upgrade will be fantastic

Category: IT|May 27, 2024 | Author: Admin

Microsoft battens security hatches on Windows admin accounts

Category: Microsoft|May 26, 2024 | Author: Admin

Apple will not be alone in this

Category: Apple|May 25, 2024 | Author: Admin

Spotify gadgets become trash in December

Category: General|May 24, 2024 | Author: Admin

Need to share passwords?

Category: Google|May 23, 2024 | Author: Admin

Gets cool function soon

Category: Google|May 22, 2024 | Author: Admin

Will be open source

Category: IT|May 21, 2024 | Author: Admin

Frustration grows over Google's AI Overviews feature, how to disable

Category: Google|May 20, 2024 | Author: Admin

Is a tablet for NOK 3,800 good enough? - "OnePlus Pad Go"

Category: IT|May 19, 2024 | Author: Admin

Microsoft is ending Edge support on computers without SSE3

Category: Microsoft|May 18, 2024 | Author: Admin

Gratulerer med 17. mai!

Category: General|May 17, 2024 | Author: Admin

Now many can try Android 15

Category: Google|May 16, 2024 | Author: Admin

Apple has released iOS 17.5

Category: Apple|May 15, 2024 | Author: Admin

Toshiba demonstrates 30TB+ HDDs using HAMR and MAMR technologies — customer sampling scheduled for 2025

Category: IT|May 14, 2024 | Author: Admin