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Musk demands an answer from Microsoft by June 7

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Twitter's lawyers have sent Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella a letter warning against the way the company used the APIs of Elon Musk's new company that just made its first trade.

Microsoft has used the free access to Twitter

It is about the use of eight Twitter APIs used in a way that is said to be in violation of the service's guidelines, a violation that, according to Musk's company, has been going on for a long time. Microsoft has previously used API access in, among other things, Xbox, Bing, and the advertising platform, but removed access to share video clips from Xbox to Twitter, one of the APIs, in April due to Twitter's new and more expensive API price model.


Twitter believes that Microsoft has violated the guidelines by using the access in ways that are not legal and that in six out of eight apps with API access, the company did not inform Twitter about the use. Twitter is now seeking information about how the apps were used up until April this year, and how Twitter data was used. Musk and Twitter want the answers by June 7.


Hoping to monetize the APIs

Microsoft spokesperson Frank Shaw confirms the company has received a letter from Twitter's lawyers in relation to the use of Twitter's free APIs. Shaw says they are considering the questions and that they look forward to continuing their long collaboration with Twitter, which they are currently not paying, according to The New York Times.


A comment from Twitter's press department is not possible, as that email auto-replies with the poo emoji. It has been doing that since March.


Musk has previously threatened to sue Microsoft as they allegedly used Twitter as a data source for training the GPT system in, among other things, Bing which is based on OpenAI, a company Musk helped start but in which Microsoft now has a larger stake. Musk has stated he wants to start a non-commercial alternative to ChatPGT and Google Bard.

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