If you have problems with No Man's Sky so this is good news

IT | Aug 13, 2016 | Master3395

Hello Games is working through the night to fix the game, some problems are already solved.

Pressure rises against Hello Games, mostly because of that there has been a lot of trouble with the PC version of the game. Therefore jobs Hello Games now around the clock to put in place a solution.

Have received help
In addition to quality assurance team (QA) to Sony and their developers have Hello Games now hired an external company to help the track all the mistakes and come to a solution faster. According to Engadget so is the number of external now hired more than Hello Games own staff.

Both Playstation and PC
We are now also an update to the Playstation 4 version of the game, according to Engadget.

In addition, there are details in a message on Twitter where Sean Murray writes that "While many people enjoying No Man's Sky PC, we'll keep an eye on several issues and working hard to solve" and links to this post on Steam.

Working on some key points
First point in this list is a link to Hello Games' own websites where they have laid out a short checklist for those who have problems with the PC version. Among this is to restart Steam and game to get into the latest update which includes VC ++ Redist 2010 that were not included in the previous version and that may be behind many of the problems PC players are experiencing.

Further, list how they improve their procedures and processes so that the information they collect will be better and more useful for those in the work ahead. They also say that they have already contacted all those who attempt to run the game on machines with too low specifications.

The list ends with the using of error messages from the players has identified some key points that they work with.

Strander players who preordered
One of the problems is that only the most ardent who have experienced. It so happens that Domanish S84, which was a bonus for everyone who preordered, stranding some players.

The reason for that is that it comes with hyperdrive preinstalled. This means that you do not need to find instructions that teach you how to build a hyperdrive, which is a requirement for all new ships. You will thus be stranded if at any time you switch to a new ship. Hello Games are working to resolve this and it will, according to Engadget be prioritized.

Will publish "alternative branch"
Besides writing Hello Games on Steam that they are going to publish an alternative branch of the PC version that's going to get the new updates first. The issues that will be addressed in this are problems with Shader Cache that allows the FPS falls on some cards. "Even if that resolves itself over time (about 1 hour of play) so we will solve that problem in a patch," we can read on Steam.

They also write that they are working to fix problems with CPUs that do not support SSE4. "Although these are technically below the minimum" so we do not want [the game, journ.anm.] Will crash, "writes Hello Games in post on Steam.

The last point the lists that they are working on now is unøyktig control with the mouse when you're on foot. According Hello Games are caused by a combination of certain video and resolutions.

Be kind
In a prayer for all those who let their anger flood towards Hello Games right now writing company in the post of steam that "We the clock to get through as many potential problems as quickly as possible. Try to be kind :) ".

Follow the steps to Hello Games here if you have problems with the PC version, plus you can also read the points and look for an update here.

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