Now Apple is being sued over the FaceTime tab

Apple | Feb 2, 2019 | Master3395

Communication between lawyer and client was overheard.

An attorney from Houston in the United States goes after Apple for the FaceTime error that presented himself in the iOS and allowed people to hear from the other end of the phone before he had answered the call. The lawyer claims that his mobile phone opened up for an unknown person to hear a conversation between him and a client.

Amount unspecified
The lawyer Larry Williams II writes in the lawsuit that the error surpasses the private aspect of one of the most intimate conversations without permission, and that in the case here was a particularly vulnerable conversation. Williams requires an unspecified amount in compensation for negligence, lack of product liability and misleading appearance.

Apple has not responded to any lawsuits but has come up with a temporary fix to disable group FaceTime for the time being.

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Sources: Bloomberg

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