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You often talk to an AI

Category: IT|Feb 28, 2024 | Author: Admin

"Klarna's AI assistant handles 2 out of 3 customer service chats after one month," says a recent press release from the payment platform. [more]

Google Pauses Gemini AI Image Generator After It Created Inaccurate Historical Pictures

Category: Google|Feb 23, 2024 | Author: Admin

Google stops the Gemini AI image feature due to wrong historical pictures. Users don't like how it shows historical people. Google promises a better version later. [more]

This changes everything

Category: IT|Feb 17, 2024 | Author: Admin

OpenAI has launched a groundbreaking text-to-video AI service: “Sora.” [more]

Download Google's new AI

Category: Google|Feb 9, 2024 | Author: Admin

Have you used Google's AI service Bard? [more]

Require labeling

Category: IT|Feb 7, 2024 | Author: Admin

Meta has announced that all AI-created content on their three major platforms will be tagged, and they are collaborating with other companies on a new industry standard. [more]

No one can escape from AI

Category: IT|Feb 4, 2024 | Author: Admin

“ Escape from AI with the “OnePlus 12 ” was the title of our test of the manufacturer's latest. [more]

Useful function for the app "everyone uses"

Category: Google|Feb 3, 2024 | Author: Admin

Google is finally updating Maps with AI, and this sounds genuinely useful. [more]

Samsung's comical AI gag

Category: IT|Jan 21, 2024 | Author: Admin

Samsung has thrown in AI functions in the Galaxy S24 and is seriously kicking off the AI ​​year 2024 as the first mobile with the functions built-in. [more]

Not even Notepad escapes

Category: Microsoft|Jan 10, 2024 | Author: Admin

AI comes to Notepad in Windows! [more]

iPhone feature hacked

Category: Apple|Jan 9, 2024 | Author: Admin

China's authorities claim they have managed to crack Apple's AirDrop functionality that works across the company's products, including the iPhone and Mac. [more]

The new generation will be announced in spring 2024

Category: IT|Dec 30, 2023 | Author: Admin

Windows Central has had several big scoops this year, including a good deal of information about Windows 12 launching in August. [more]

Recommend hair dryer

Category: IT|Dec 29, 2023 | Author: Admin

The power connectors of the relatively new RTX 40 cards are rigid, and there has been a fair amount of controversy. [more]

UK Supreme Court: No, your AI can’t hold a patent

Category: IT|Dec 25, 2023 | Author: Admin

An AI system is not eligible to hold a patent in the UK, the country’s Supreme Court announced. [more]

Claims they have solved the big problem with cars

Category: General|Dec 20, 2023 | Author: Admin

TomTom and Microsoft collaborate on AI in the car. [more]

We have not seen this before

Category: IT|Nov 10, 2023 | Author: Admin

AI company Humane has announced the “AI Pin,” a device they believe is the prototype of post-mobile devices. [more]

ChatGPT-generated text may have met its match with a new tool that offers 99% accuracy in detection

Category: IT|Nov 8, 2023 | Author: Admin

A breakthrough ChatGPT AI Detector tool may be able to tell human text and AI-generated content apart. [more]

OpenAI readying team to prevent AI from starting a nuclear war

Category: IT|Oct 30, 2023 | Author: Admin

The voluntary commitments are part of the company’s efforts to promote safety, security, and trust in AI. [more]

Jamf: Generative AI is coming to an Apple IT admin near you

Category: Apple|Sep 29, 2023 | Author: Admin

Jamf believes generative AI tools can be a big benefit to tech support and IT admin and the company this week revealed its first work in that direction. [more]

What Apple has done is bizarre

Category: Apple|Sep 14, 2023 | Author: Admin

Apple connoisseur Mark Gurman does not understand what Apple is doing related to AirPods Pro 2. [more]

OpenAI to use GPT-4 LLM for content moderation, warns against bia

Category: General|Aug 16, 2023 | Author: Admin

The company expects to eliminate undesired biases introduced during training with the involvement of humans in the loop. [more]

Google adds translation feature to Gmail app for Android, iOS users: Here's how to use it

Category: Google|Aug 9, 2023 | Author: Admin

The feature is available for both Android and iOS devices and will help users communicate more easily across language barriers. [more]

Finally on Android

Category: General|Jul 26, 2023 | Author: Admin

OpenAI has finally ready its ChatGPT app for Android [more]

“We do not delete games you have purchased”

Category: General|Jul 25, 2023 | Author: Admin

Ubisoft has found itself forced to explain itself after recently announcing that Ubisoft accounts that have been inactive for a long time will be deleted from the games if the user does not click on a unique link. [more]

China accused of hacking US government emails

Category: Microsoft|Jul 16, 2023 | Author: Admin

China-based hackers have gained access to the email accounts of around 25 organizations, including government agencies, Microsoft says. [more]

Google Bard launches in EU, overcoming data privacy concerns in the region

Category: Google|Jul 15, 2023 | Author: Admin

Five months after Google announced it was launching its own generative AI chatbot, the company has addressed the data privacy issues that had previously made it inaccessible to EU residents. [more]

Google hit with lawsuit alleging it stole data from millions of users to train its AI tools

Category: Google|Jul 12, 2023 | Author: Admin

Google was hit with a wide-ranging lawsuit on Tuesday alleging the tech giant scraped data from millions of users without their consent and violated copyright laws in order to train and develop its artificial intelligence products. [more]

OpenAI GPT-4 is now available to the public

Category: IT|Jul 9, 2023 | Author: Admin

OpenAI announced that all paying API customers will now have access to GPT-4. [more]

OpenAI launches new alignment division to tackle risks of superintelligent AI

Category: IT|Jul 8, 2023 | Author: Admin

The makers of ChatGPT have announced the company will be dedicating 20% of its compute processing power over the next four years to stop superintelligent AI from “going rogue." [more]

World’s first flying car: FAA-approved and available for preorder

Category: General|Jul 6, 2023 | Author: Admin

The world’s first flying car is now a reality [more]

Google Domains sells to Squarespace as Google surprisingly exits domain registration business

Category: Google|Jun 18, 2023 | Author: Admin

The unexpected acquisition of $180 million will make Squarespace one of the biggest domain name registrars in the world. [more]

You can lose everything

Category: Google|May 20, 2023 | Author: Admin

Google says that for security reasons they will delete Google accounts that have been inactive for two years. [more]

Gratulerer med 17. mai!

Category: General|May 17, 2023 | Author: Admin

Vår nasjonaldag er en årlig fest, men også en påminnelse av hvorfor Norge er et av verdens beste land å leve i. [more]

Microsoft reportedly rallies behind AMD to develop chips for AI workloads

Category: Microsoft|May 13, 2023 | Author: Admin

Microsoft reportedly rallies behind AMD to develop chips for AI workloads [more]

Elon Musk's new company revealed

Category: IT|Apr 15, 2023 | Author: Admin

The Financial Times reports that Elon Musk is well underway with a new project to compete against OpenAI, which he helped start. [more]

ChaosGPT: “Humanity must be destroyed”

Category: IT|Apr 11, 2023 | Author: Admin

“Features: Internet browsing; File read/write operations; Communication with other GPT agents; run code. Goal: destroy humanity.” [more]

AI chat is coming to Google

Category: Google|Apr 7, 2023 | Author: Admin

Google CEO Sundar Pichai confirms to The Wall Street Journal that the company will bake its Bard chat AI into the search engine. Bard is not available as a beta test in Norway yet. [more]

AirTag tracking ended in murder

Category: Apple|Apr 3, 2023 | Author: Admin

A man in San Antonio Texas used an Apple AirTag to track down the car thief. It ended in tragedy. [more]

Google unveils Bard, its ChatGPT rival

Category: General|Feb 6, 2023 | Author: Admin

The AI will act as an "experimental conversational AI service" for its users. [more]

Has revealed the big thing about "Windows 12"

Category: Microsoft|Jan 17, 2023 | Author: Admin

In October 2022, we wrote an article about a leaked Windows 12 (?) concept from Microsoft with a completely new interface that borrows workflow ideas from mobiles and tablets. [more]

“Revolutionizing gaming performance with AI drivers”

Category: IT|Jan 11, 2023 | Author: Admin

Apparently, Nvidia is working on integrating AI to develop much more efficient drivers. Nvidia reveals that there are over 25 million lines of code in their GeForce drivers. It's about the same as in a jet. [more]

Finally reveals what's hiding in the updates

Category: General|Dec 22, 2022 | Author: Admin

As a rule, Apple does not explain in detail what is being updated when it comes to firmware for AirTags and AirPods. [more]

There are already problems with them

Category: Apple|Sep 26, 2022 | Author: Admin

We have not even experienced these problems, but several fresh owners of AirPods Pro 2 who were launched Friday at the same time as Apple Watch Ultra, says there are critical errors with them. [more]

Here are all the new Apple disclosures you need to get with you before Wednesday

Category: Apple|Sep 10, 2022 | Author: Admin

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg is absolutely sure that Wednesday will, besides launching iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 and Pro, will also showcase the new AirPods Pro 2. [more]

Now there is yet another new model, and that is important

Category: General|Aug 30, 2022 | Author: Admin

Two new Playstation 5 models have been discovered in Australia. [more]

Here he tests the product Apple canceled

Category: Apple|Aug 22, 2022 | Author: Admin

Apple announced AirPower, but never launched a charging pad. That has probably never happened in recent Apple history. [more]

Bandai is Hacked

Category: IT|Jul 16, 2022 | Author: Admin

Bandai Namco confirms they were hacked on July 3. [more]

AirPods get better sound quality - much about AirPods Pro 2 revealed

Category: Apple|Jun 25, 2022 | Author: Admin

Something exciting has been revealed about upcoming AirPods models and several specific revelations related to AirPods Pro 2. [more]

Now Apple opens iPad

Category: Apple|Jun 14, 2022 | Author: Admin

We have received most of the news in iPadOS 16 and iOS 16 (also read the sneak peek), but it is a potentially important improvement we did not discover right away, beyond these. [more]

Tesla is considering Apple AirPlay

Category: Apple|Jun 1, 2022 | Author: Admin

There are probably many who prefer to mirror their mobile phone to the car, rather than using the car's own OS and interface. [more]

Norway’s national day

Category: General|May 17, 2022 | Author: Admin

Children’s parades, marching bands, traditional costumes, and ice cream. A lot of ice cream. Norwegian Constitution Day is a truly unique party! [more]

Russia has taken control of parts of Ukraine's Internet

Category: General|May 5, 2022 | Author: Admin

Russia is now redirecting Internet traffic in the occupied Kherson region of Ukraine via its own infrastructure. [more]

Ukraine asks Tim Cook to stop all sales and disable the App Store in Russia

Category: General|Feb 27, 2022 | Author: Admin

Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov has asked Apple to block the App Store in Russia and the sale of Apple products after President Vladimir Putin invaded the country this week. [more]

Now it's flashing red: the Ukraine war is making chip access worse

Category: IT|Feb 26, 2022 | Author: Admin

Trouble for Intel and TSMC [more]

Apple has launched an anti-stalking app for Android

Category: Apple|Dec 14, 2021 | Author: Admin

We have previously written that the Apple AirTag was hacked shortly after launch and that the chip can be used as a monitoring tool. [more]

Now Rockstar apologizes for the failure launch, promising to bring back old versions

Category: General|Nov 21, 2021 | Author: Admin

- We apologize to everyone who has experienced problems [more]

The domain of Denuvo DRM expired so then the games did not start

Category: General|Nov 9, 2021 | Author: Admin

The domain of Denuvo, which is also in the wind due to Windows 11 and Intel 12th generation incompatibility (for which there is, fortunately, a solution), left a domain out of date. It brought more than just website and email downtime. [more]

This is the first Alienware machine - now they are ready with a brand new model

Category: IT|Oct 16, 2021 | Author: Admin

Alienware and Acer are up to date with new machines. [more]

If you are waiting for AirPods Pro 2, you will have to wait a long time

Category: Apple|Oct 9, 2021 | Author: Admin

LeaksApplePro is considered a credible Apple leak. [more]

No Electricity? A New Cooling System Uses Sunlight and Saltwater

Category: General|Sep 23, 2021 | Author: Admin

A new experimental electricity-free cooling system is under development at Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), a press statement reveals. [more]

iPhone 13 unveiled in Ukraine

Category: Apple|Sep 10, 2021 | Author: Admin

Now it leaks iPhone details like just that. [more]

AI will determine if you are allowed to drive

Category: General|Sep 8, 2021 | Author: Admin

Artificial intelligence and eye tracking will provide physicians with an objective basis for assessing patients' medical fitness to drive. That is the goal of the new AI project Driving Assessment in Healthcare (Dash) at Örebro University. [more]

US court rejects patent applications from AIs

Category: General|Sep 6, 2021 | Author: Admin

Setback for Artificial Inventor Project: A US judge has ruled that the AI ​​Dabus can not be called an inventor. [more]

Facebook apologizes: their AI tagged video of black men as 'Primates'

Category: General|Sep 5, 2021 | Author: Admin

Facebook has apologized for the error and calls it "unacceptable". [more]

AirPods get real support for Find My

Category: General|Aug 12, 2021 | Author: Admin

Apple has announced several new features for AirPods users with iOS 15. They include Conversation Boost for AirPods Pro and for the first time real support for Find My. While users will be able to find lost AirPods with Precision Finding, iOS 15 will also pair AirPods with your Apple... [more]

New AirPods 3 are coming this fall

Category: Apple|Aug 3, 2021 | Author: Admin

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman began spreading Apple rumors as a teenager. He has leaked countless products and even more features. He is rated as 88.8 percent accurate and is today considered one of the most accurate Apple goodies ever. [more]

Apple is increasing production of Macbooks and AirPods

Category: Apple|Jul 1, 2021 | Author: Admin

Rumors of new Macbooks and AirPods models for a while now. [more]

Iranian websites claim to have been seized by US authorities

Category: IT|Jun 24, 2021 | Author: Admin

Several websites affiliated with the Iranian regime claim to have been seized and closed by US authorities. [more]

EC to grill Meta on Facebook ‘subscription for no ads’ plan

Category: IT|Mar 3, 2024 | Author: Admin

Apple warns of increased iPhone security risks

Category: Apple|Mar 2, 2024 | Author: Admin

Apple turns!

Category: Apple|Mar 1, 2024 | Author: Admin

Apple may change important name

Category: Apple|Feb 29, 2024 | Author: Admin

You often talk to an AI

Category: IT|Feb 28, 2024 | Author: Admin

Microsoft confirms big Windows 11 reveal for gamers

Category: Microsoft|Feb 27, 2024 | Author: Admin

Security company sold users' browser activity

Category: Microsoft|Feb 26, 2024 | Author: Admin

Are you also tired of reboots?

Category: Microsoft|Feb 25, 2024 | Author: Admin

Apple officially unbans Epic Games iOS developer account

Category: Apple|Feb 24, 2024 | Author: Admin

Google Pauses Gemini AI Image Generator After It Created Inaccurate Historical Pictures

Category: Google|Feb 23, 2024 | Author: Admin

We never thought it would happen

Category: IT|Feb 22, 2024 | Author: Admin

It's finally over and the victims can rejoice

Category: IT|Feb 21, 2024 | Author: Admin

Accusing Intel of cheating

Category: IT|Feb 20, 2024 | Author: Admin

It was probably China that forced Apple

Category: Apple|Feb 19, 2024 | Author: Admin

It looks like Spotify is getting its revenge on Apple

Category: General|Feb 18, 2024 | Author: Admin