Samsung's foldable smartphone is also a tablet

IT | Oct 16, 2018 | Master3395

The first look may come in November.

Samsung does not want to reveal too much detail about the mysterious and foldable smartphone they are working with, but during an interview with CNET, DJ Koh, the company's mobile department manager, is slightly blurred.

A device with tablet features
Here the Koh tells that the folding mobile will have features like a tablet. That is a large display in unfolded mode and with possibilities for easy multitasking. Maybe with Samsung DeX at the bottom? As much as possible.

As well as being known as a tablet, it can also be folded into a more portable device you can put in the pocket.

See the never-ending concept: Do you buy Samsung's foldable Galaxy if it's so?

Not urgent with the launch
It is still a question of when Samsung actually wants to showcase the device, which, according to the reputation exchange, is either called Galaxy F or Galaxy X. Opposite CNET, Samsung's mobile chief says they will not show anything until they are ready.

"When we come with a folding phone, it really needs to make sense for the customers. I'm not going to deliver a product that does not meet my standard, "Koh said to the site, adding that he thinks we come to a point where customers want a foldable mobile.

The Samsung Developer Conference, which is held in November, maybe the reason the company is talking about the folding smartphone, but it is possible that only a prototype is displayed.

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Sources: CNET

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