This is Battlefields Battle Royale: Firestorm has the biggest map ever

General | Sep 7, 2018 | Master3395

But max 64 players.

Dice has revealed that Battlefield V gets a Battle Royale mode, but after the first disclosure, we have not heard more. For now.

All others launch in October, so EA exposed
For now, Dice fights a bit after it became known that the game has been postponed until November 20th.

Firestorm is the name of the mode, and it is the biggest map in the history of the game series.

Beta for all this week
Dice says this is a new way to make Battle Royale by 32 to 32 fighters (and not up to 100 that are common in other games in the genre but note that everything can be destroyed in this world) in a map that slowly but surely swallowed up by a big fire.

Those of you who have EA subscriptions can play the beta one now, while everyone can throw themselves into battle Thursday this week.

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