Google can access private search in Chrome

Google | Aug 29, 2018 | Master3395

The company rejects the claims.

In a recent report, Vanderbilt University professor Douglas Schmidt claims that Google is conducting massive data collection through the Chrome browser.

- Can save data before user logged in
At the same time, using incognito mode does not help stop the tracking. The study shows that if you log in to their Google Account while incognito, Google has the ability to view information about the browsing history of the user before signing in.

This information can also be linked to your Goole account, it says in the report.

"Although this type of data is user anonymized, Google has the ability to link the collected information with the user's personal details stored in the Google Account," it claims.

Rejects the report
Google, on its part, has completely rejected the report by Professor Schmidt. In a statement to CNN, the search company says:

  • This report is commissioned by a professional lobby group in Washington DC, and written by a witness for Oracle in their ongoing copyright laws against Google. So it's no surprise that it contains highly misleading information.

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