No more games "on the house" from EA

IT | Aug 2, 2018 | Master3395

EA has quietly closed its free play service.

In a press release shortly ago, EA announced that they will launch an upgraded version of their Origin Access service. The upgrade will give subscribers unlimited access to EAs games and will be made available during this week.

Removed in silence
What EA did not say was about at the same time removing their "On the House" offer. This was a time-limited offer that allowed everyone to download individual games for free.

Good game
Even though the games were not among EA's best and latest titles, one must nevertheless acknowledge that free is good. In fact, some of the games were not very bad. Among other things, you have been able to download Battlefield 3, Dragon Age: Origins and Theme Hospital.

Does not affect games that have already been downloaded
EA has announced in an e-mail to PC Games that the Origin On the House program has been terminated. The decision will not affect the games that players have already downloaded through the service.

Have you taken advantage of the offer? Tell us in the comments below!

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Sources: PC Gamer

Author: Master3395


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