Google Mystical OS can replace Android and Chrome OS

Google | Jul 25, 2018 | Master3395


The operating system to drive "all".

There have been more rumors about Google's mysterious Fuchsia OS. Now Bloomberg writes that the search company's Fuchsia department consists of 100 developers who work with what could be the successor to Android.

The first time we wrote about Fuchsia OS was August 2016: Google is working on a brand new operating system.

Want to be the Android Revenge
According to reports, the forthcoming platform will offer more frequent security updates and should be better suited to voice commands. Bloomberg writes that the operating system is designed to provide the same experience regardless of device - sounds like Microsoft's work with Windows 10 - whether it's a laptop or a smartphone.

The people the site has talked to says that Google initially plans to implement Fuchsia in voice-tuned speakers, which can happen in three years if everything goes as it should. Further, from there, the plan is to make Fuchsia ready for support devices like laptops.

"Ultimately, the department wants to replace Android, the software that controls three-quarters of the world's smartphones, with their system," said Bloomberg's people. They add that the plan is that this will happen in the next five years.

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