For an embarrassing ridicule of the laws

General | Jul 11, 2018 | Master3395

Kim Dotcom fearing Megaupload data is lost.

On Twitter, Kim Dotcom writes that he has not disclosed all the data he is entitled to in connection with the case between him and the US and New Zealand authorities.

Such data may be lost
A court has made it clear that Dotcom is entitled to recover information in connection with the case that started in 2012 when it was arrested. Now it turns out that parts of the data can not be transmitted due to IT problems. According to the authorities, the requested information is not in the new IT systems.

Specifically, data from December 2013 and earlier applies. Dotcom writes on Twitter that he has been told by Justice Minister of New Zealand, David Parker, that he can not comply with the order because he has no access to the same data as the previous justice minister had.

"For a very embarrassing ridicule of New Zealand laws," prolong the Megaupload creator on Twitter.

Now Dotcom and his lawyers appeal to the Human Rights Court in hopes of accessing the old data.

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