Now comes the super secure routers

IT | Jul 9, 2018 | Master3395

But that does not mean you should use "password" as a password.

Now the Wi-Fi Alliance has started verifying routers that support the new WPA3 protocol. It writes The Verge. And it might be the time that WPA2 Security Protocol WPA2 was first put into service in 2004.

Launched this year
As of today, new routers are being certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, and for current products, the manufacturer is sending a firmware update with WPA3 support. Opposite Cnet, Kevin Robinson says in the Wi-Fi Alliance that although the protocol is much safer than WPA2, users should still use a strong password.

- Do not choose "password" as a password, he recommends.

The Wifi Alliance draws the following four news as the most important:

Better encryption for guest networks: This applies to open networks in cafes, restaurants and the like. These are really quite unsafe, but WPA3 includes some WiFi Alliance calling "individualized data encryption" that ensures that your connection to such a network is encrypted.

Better protection against "brute force" attacks: WPA3 will have better protection against such attacks that attack again and again until they come through. In the future encryption, there is a limited number of possibilities before the process ends.

Better support for things Internet devices: With WPA3, you can use a WiFi enabled device to configure unattended devices, such as the Internet's things like smart locks and the like.

192-bit security suite: An additional security suite (using Commercial National Security Algorithm), which is joined with the government, defense, and businesses, and will provide highly encrypted WiFi networks to such departments.

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Sources: The Verge

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