Now the TVs are coming soon with super HDR

General | Jul 2, 2018 | Master3395

HDR10 + will take over - challenges Dolby Vision.

«HDR10 + is the sequel to HDR10. The technology will be able to compete far better against Dolby Vision because the HDR level can be adjusted per scene, "we reported in January. Now technology is close to launching.

Can HDR10 soon measure with Dolby Vision?
Samsung, Panasonic, 20th Century Fox and Amazon challenge Dolby Vision with HDR10 +. This because the HDR10 + standard is now available to manufacturers of TVs, PC monitors, and other devices.

The launch enables companies to investigate that their device meets the HDR10 + requirements.

One of the first manufacturers of such TVs will probably be Samsung and Panasonic. HDR10 is not technically as good as Dolby Vision, but the + version focuses much on this (although Vision still wants 12 instead of 10-bit color palette). The reason why HDR10 is to be found on many products is that companies have to pay for Dolby for use of Vision.

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