The European Parliament voted in favor of stricter copyright laws online

IT | Jun 29, 2018 | Master3395

Now it's up to the EU if the law comes into force.

The European Parliament has voted yes to the disputed bill of copyright on the Internet, Article 13. 15 voted for ten were against.

Voted for
In summary, the bill implies that websites where users largely generate content, such as Facebook and YouTube, must install a filter that automatically checks the contents of a database and filters out what is protected by copyright. The Verge writes that such a solution is likely to be expensive to create and impossible to keep updated.

Until now, the platforms have not been responsible for what is uploaded and it is the people with ownership who themselves have had to look up the content, but Article 13 imposes responsibility on Facebook, YouTube, and the other services at risk of fines if copyright is violated.

Among other things, it will be said that "memes" and the like who use copyright-protected images can be history.

Determined in July
SweClockers writes that the so-called «link tax» was also voted for. This means that the websites have to pay the license costs to media houses when they use the quote and the like, explains the website.

Now it's up to the EU if the new laws are being implemented. The European Parliament, the EU Council, and the EU Commission will review the bill in a joint meeting. It will take place between 2 and 5 July.

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