Have you noticed a sudden bustle about low disk space? Another Windows 10 error detected after the major update

Microsoft | May 21, 2018 | Master3395

Maybe corrected on Tuesday.

Many machines have a recovery volume. These should not be touched in normal cases, only when there are problems with the Windows 10 installation.

Alerts you to little space
However, Windows 10 does not always care about upgrading to the April update. The problem is as follows: Windows 10 may suddenly begin to alert users to little space on the emergency disk, which was not even visible before the upgrade.

For some reason, Windows 10 provides a drive name for these. There is nothing else to find than an empty directory in the drive, but it's a somewhat annoying mistake, and something Microsoft should have discovered.

This is far from the only fault affecting certain machines after the upgrade

Easy enough to correct
You can correct the error by removing the drive name from the partition and hiding it. Start the command line with administrator privileges and type diskpart.

Then type the following commands in sequence:

  1. list volume
  2. select volume x (fill in the correct number)
  3. remove letter = »fill in the correct drive»

We will not forget that the error is corrected in a Windows 10 update Tuesday next week.

PS: We're in Seattle from Sunday this week to cover Microsoft's Build Conference.

This is far from the only mistake, there are also more in the interface

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