Antivirus flag uTorrent as a threat

IT | Apr 15, 2018 | Master3395

Started this week for Windows updates.

Microsoft has said since February last year that uTorrent has to be stopped because "it's bad reputation" and that "this application can also affect the quality of your data processing."

Are they more active software that can be used for piracy?
Although this warning has been up for a while, if the date information is correct, it is not until this week that users of Windows Defender and other antivirus programs were notified that uTorrent is a threat.

BitTorrent Inc. owns the client and does not know exactly what has happened, but it is probably a change in one of the newer versions that cause AV software to respond with a fake positive message after a Windows update - they have therefore stopped to serve the current version.

Remember, uTorrent also installs "Web Companion" promotional products if you request it and that it is enough to get the harmful software to respond anyway.

According to BitTorrent, the message has started appearing Tuesday this week after people installed these updates.

The company investigates the problem.

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