Facebook admits they read everything you write

General | Apr 5, 2018 | Master3395

Scans your Messenger conversations and photos you send.

It's almost not shocking anymore, but should be: Facebook automatically checks everything you write to others on Facebook Messenger.

Revealed it in connection with cruelty
The company not only reads what you write but also examines the pictures you send to others on Messenger to make sure that all content is within the company's own limits, "community standards" as they call it.

If not, the content will be blocked - you may have discovered this yourself? It is easy to test by eg. send a pirate link.
It is the boss himself and grounds, Mark Zuckerberg, who confirm this. The concession comes after Zuckerberg was interviewed by Vox's journalist Ezra Klein. To Klein, the boss confirmed that the company does this because they discovered sensational messenger messages in connection with the ethnic cleansing of people in Myanmar.

The conversations are private, just not
To Bloomberg, the company explains, contradictory, that Messenger conversations are private, but Facebook scans them to investigate that they are within the guidelines. It is apparently the same tools they use to manage the network in general.

Facebook gives an example and angles against criminal acts like child pornography: "When you send a picture on Messenger, our automated system uses match technology to determine if it's a known child pornography, or if you send a link, whether it is harmful or virus. Facebook designed these automated tools so we can instantly stop abusive behavior on our platform. "

It's good and good, but it's true that all you send is scanned and investigated, and no calls are private, and that Facebook can easily or indirectly end up in potentially explosive situations in big politics and war by listening to what's happening throughout the world.

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