Apple with original TV series in 2019

Apple | Mar 29, 2018 | Master3395

Apple most likely takes up the fight against Netflix and Amazon next year.

It should not be surprising that Apple wants a piece of stream cake that is now shared between Netflix, Amazon, and HBO.

No success so far
Apple has not had any great success in original TV content - yet, even though the company was unlucky with Planet of the Apps and Carpool Karaoke, they have not yet given up.

The New York Times reports that Apple is expanding its commitment to original TV shows. Apple will have purchased twelve projects, of which nine of them will be TV series and together this will have a budget of over one billion dollars.

Battlestar Galactica producer on the team
Apple has ordered a sci-fi series with Ronald D. Moore as a producer (the man behind Battlestar Galactica). A psychological thriller by M.Night Shyamalan (has produced Signs) and a drama series by Damien Chazellae (La La Land)

It is clear that manufacturers are willing to stand up when a giant like Apple gets ready with the checkbook. Now it's time to see if Apple will achieve a success with their series and whether people will subscribe to yet another streaming service to see original and exclusive TV shows.

Comes in 2019
It is expected that the series will be launched sometime between March and August 2019 - which is relatively resilient given that it is only one year left.

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