Trace of unknown 8-core processor

IT | Mar 24, 2018 | Master3395

An unknown 8-core processor has appeared in 3DMark's database.

It should not surprise anyone that Intel is getting ready for a real process war against AMD. Now when AMD is going to launch Ryzen 2, Intel will hardly sit still and watch.

Focus on multithreading
Intel is expected to prioritize multithreading, which is a plus for gaming or design players.

Videocardz came across a non-named 8-core processor in Futuremark's 3DMark database, and from what can be read from here, it appears to be the 8-core Coffe Lake processor you've been waiting for.

8 cores - 16 threads
As you can read the picture below, it's an 8-core 16-wire processor clocked at 2.20 GHz. At first glance, it seems that the processor is clocked somewhat low, but most likely, 2.20 GHz is just a base clock.

Unknown 8-core processor appeared in 3DMark's database. (Ill .: Videocardz)

The Z390 chipset, which has appeared on several occasions over the last couple of months, has more or less been confirmed by Intel itself. The latest reports point out that a Coffee Lake refresh will come in the summer.

Z390 is scheduled to launch next semester. (Ill .: Tom's Hardware)

Still LGA 1151
It is expected that the new 8-core Coffee Lake processors will use the same LGA 1151 socket as Kaby Lake, but they will still require the Z390 chipset.

Even if you do not want to capture anything that appears on 3DMark for good fish, this clearly points to the fact that Intel does not sit still in the boat while AMD is racing in the mainstream market with its beneficial multi-core processors.

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Sources: Notebookcheck, Videocardz

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