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At its core, Google remains an advertising company. The search giant generates revenue from the ads. So, if you are 18+, the latest revisions brought to Google terms of service highlight the company can use your Google profile to discuss and promote products, it intends to. If you are underage, luckily, your profile is spared from the abuse. Nevertheless, you can disable the feature by simply unchecking an option displayed on Shared Endorsements program page by Google.

This program permits Google to use your Google Plus activity based on product reviews to give recommendations to your friends in Google’s search result. They can see your image displayed alongside a product. At any given time, you can prevent Google from using your information in ads.

Stop Google from Using Name and Picture in Ads
First, log in to your Google Plus account. Move your mouse cursor over the ‘Home’ button in the upper left corner of the page and expand it to choose ‘Settings’ from the list.

Then, under the Settings page look for the Shared Endorsements option, and click the Edit link.

Next, below the lengthy strings of texts of the Shared Endorsements page, you will find ‘Based upon my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads’ option. By default, this option is checked, uncheck it and click Save.

Finally, click Continue when you see the prompt message.

Now, we see how to clear Sync data in Chrome browser

Clearing Synced data in Chrome Browser
Syncing allows a user to access his browser data and settings from anywhere just by signing into his account. The same feature, however, runs the risk of passing sensitive information to cyberpunks, if the account is hacked. Fortunately, there’s a way for bypassing this route.

Log in to your Google account. Once in, you will notice a page containing all your current Google products. Scroll down the list until you find Chrome Sync. Click on the Manage Chrome Sync link.

In the next screen, you can find information pertaining to the features synced to your account.

To clear all the synced data from your Google account, click the Stop and Clear button at the bottom of the page. Before you proceed, a word of caution – The data cleared cannot be recovered so, proceed carefully.

Click the OK button to process when you see the confirmation message.

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