This is the app that reveals what Facebook will not tell you about

IT | Mar 18, 2018 | Master3395

"Prepare to be scared."

Hang Do Thi Duc, a "Mozilla Fellow", has made an extension for Chrome and Firefox called "Data Selfie". The add-on contains information that Facebook will not tell you.

A self-image of your Facebook
Here's how to explain Hang his app:

"Whenever you like, press, read or post something on Facebook, Facebook knows it. Even if you do not comment or share much, Facebook is learning a lot about you as you scroll through the news feed.

My addition does something similar. It's here to help you understand that your actions on the web can be tracked. It does so by collecting the same information you provide to Facebook while respecting your privacy. "

If you use "Data Selfie" you will see the following Facebook information:

  • Last you were logged in.
  • Total time spent on Facebook.
  • An Activity Timeline displays information about your conversations.
  • Your top friends based on how much time you spent reading their posts.
  • Likely click on posts, pictures, and videos.
  • Information about your personality, health and activity levels, trade preferences and religious and political views.

You can find download information through the "Data Selfie" website.

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Sources: Mozilla

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