More "Battlefield V" details - this will be the story part and a new collaboration mode

General | Mar 8, 2018 | Master3395

GAMES: Taxpayers also come, but probably only with cosmetic content.

At the beginning of the current GamesBeat, published a thing about this year's Battlefield launch. Now the website comes with further details.

History details and new collaboration mode
GamesBeat wrote that the shooting series returns to World War II and now comes with new information. Among other things, the story part seems to be comparable to Battlefield 1 - a campaign section we saw worked out the top. At least what layout concerns. The website writes that the story in "Battlefield V" is divided into several small stories with different perspectives on the war. That means putting in the shoes for more grades.

The website also states that "Battlefield V" is only a placeholder and that the title is likely to change before the unveiling.

Furthermore, a new collaboration mode mentions but does not go into detail about what it is about and whether, for example, it will support split screen or not. GamesBeat also writes that virtual treasure chests come, but these will probably contain only cosmetic stuff.

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