Now Facebook does this with what the company thinks is false news

General | Jan 6, 2018 |

Changes strategy in combating online error information.

Around this time last year, Facebook announced that, with the help of several news media, it should begin to flag what the group thinks is false news.

Announces Changes
In an update on the company's blog, Facebook reports that it is now out of this solution. The flag should be replaced with "related articles" that have been tested since April of this year.

"We've found that when we show Related Articles next to a fake news, it causes fewer parts than when Disputed Flag was shown," writes Facebook in blog posts.

The solution failed
The solution that Facebook flagged false news with a stamp under the articles does not seem to have had any impact on users of the social media. Several of them do not trust Facebook's flagging - even though it is supported by third-party fact checkers.

Facebook mentions the reasons why the flag did not work as the system was excessively complicated to users, that it did not always give the intended result, it took too long to implement it globally and that the mark was too strict.

In the video below you can see Facebook explain the changes.

Source Facebook


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