Warns against new Messenger virus

IT | Jan 5, 2018 |

Can use your PC to dig digital currency.

The security company Trend Micro has unveiled a new malware that attacks users of Facebook Messenger.

Attacking via Facebook
The malware is called "Digmine" and masks like a video file, writes the company, then infects the devices of the people who start the "video." After it has infected the device, the malware installs a malicious add-on to Chrome that allows to access the user's Facebook profile.

"Digmine" is also able to send messages that include malware, via Messenger from infected devices.

According to Trend Micro, only PCs may be infected with the malware, it can not affect smartphones.

Installing cryptographs
In addition to attacking the Facebook profile, "Digmine" can also install a cryptograph on infected computers. Then, the malware uses infected PCs to dig for the digital currency monero.

Towards Trend Micro, Facebook says that they have removed links associated with injury, but according to reports, attackers are still able to customize the links so that the attacks continue.

So far, cases of "Digmine" have been observed in Azerbaijan, Vietnam, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Venezuela and Ukraine. According to Trend Micro, there is a risk of further damage being spread.

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Sources: Trend Micro


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