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The code of honor is very important for the gamer, be it the ones who participate in Olympics or the ones who participate in computer gaming competition. Gaming has quickly escalated to a profession and it becomes important to make sure that gamers don’t cheat. You may remember how some of us used cheat codes in the single-player mode just for the fun sake. However, doing so in multiplayer gaming leagues will cause a lot of damage both reputation wise and financially for the competitors.

Anti-Cheat software for Windows
Since the beginning, most of the game providers including Valve have been offering anti-cheat solutions. Anti-Cheat software ensures that the players don’t resort to unethical means to ensure their victory. The anti-cheat software can be integrated both on the gaming vendor side and also the user’s end. Let us take a look at some of the best anti-cheat freeware available for Windows 10,

  1. Battle Eye 



    Battle Eye is already offering its anti-cheating protection on an exhaustive gaming catalogue. The company promises to hunt down the hackers and make hacking increasingly difficult. Battle Eye will also protect the games round the clock, 24 x 7, 365 days a week. The team behind battle-eye also promises that their gaming software will not interfere with the usual gameplay until and unless someone is caught playing foul.

    Apart from the above-mentioned features, BattleEye will also ban the players globally and this ban is always better and harsher in nature as opposed to the SteamID/account ban. Apart from instantly kicking out the players the Battle Eey also offers a full Rcon administration interface to help admins keep control of their servers. Reliability also seems to be relatively high since the architecture is independent of third party network connections.

  2. Punkbuster from Even Balance 

    Punkbuster is in the anti-cheat business from the last 15 years and they support a majority of the gaming titles. The Punkbuster employs game specific cheat research and detection alongside real-time continuous memory scanning during gameplay. The updates are done in the background and the Punkbuster also offers the administrative tools like screenshots, ban lists.

    The only downside that I can see as of now is that the Punkbuster seems to be slow in adding support for the newer gaming titles. The Punkbuster on the Windows operating system requires two running services (PnkBstrA and PnkBstrB) both of which need to be installed manually.

  3. VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat System)

    The Steam platform from Valve is one of the most popular multiplayer gaming platforms. In fact, it was with the help of Steam that games like Counter-Strike were so popular. The Valve Anti-Cheat System bans are permanent, non-negotiable and they cannot be revoked even by the Steam Support. However, players will still be able to appeal against a certain VAC ban.

    The makers of VAC clearly caution us against the use of custom skins or any game modification as it might raise the red flag. One should also be careful while playing on public computers as someone else may have installed cheat software. In most of the cases, hackers maliciously disguise cheats in order to get others banned.

  4. TruPlay Anti-Cheat System in Windows 10
    Microsoft included their very own TruePlay anti-cheat feature tool starting from Windows 10 v1709. The tool collects the data within games and generates alerts if something is wrong. The information is then sent to the developer and the account is banned immediately. Microsoft has already started making the API available to developers and is enabled by default for all the games on the Microsoft Store games.


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