Now, Google is doing smart with your searches

Google | Nov 6, 2017 | Master3395

Same result if you use .no or .co.uk.

Previously, you have received different results if you apply through Google.com or Google.com. Now there are changes on this front.

Search changes on Google
If you search through Google's mobile app, via mobile or Google.com in your web browser on PC, the results will be no matter if you use .no, .com or co.uk. The reason for this is that Google search now relies on the location of the user.

That is, if you are traveling in Paris and searching through Google.com, the search results will be based on your location, ie Paris.

"The update ensures that you get the most relevant results based on your location and consistent with how Google already manages services on a number of our platforms that include YouTube, Blogger, Google Earth, and Gmail," explains the search giant.

If you want to see results that have nothing to do with your location, you can change this under Settings.

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