- "Kaspersky" antivirus is hacked by Russia to spy

IT | Oct 21, 2017 | Master3395

- No chance they did not know about this.

Russians should have misused Kaspersky's popular antivirus software to try to extract confidential information from the US state. It claims people with high clearance within the US state apparatus.

Has modified antivirus software to spy on the United States
The software will of course only search for viruses, but according to the same sources, the software must have been modified by people in the Russian state. This would have been impossible without Kaspersky Lab's knowing it, it is claimed.

The program, for example, sought for "top secret".

- Far more widespread now
WSJ reported last week that Russian hackers used the same software in 2015. Then they had an NSA employee in sight. The person had moved classified content from the workplace and home where the program ran.

But according to the same newspaper and their sources, the program is far more prevalent now, and targets many more than just one person.

Went at KGB school in the 80's
Founder of Kaspersky Lab, Eugene Kaspersky, has received KBG training (Russian secret police).

Before the Soviet was dissolved, the program was called "The Technical Faculty of the KGB Higher School", while it is now called the Institute of Cryptography, Telecommunications and Computer Science.

The Soviet became known in 1991 - Eugene studied there in 1987.

This says Kaspersky
"Kaspersky Lab was not involved and has no knowledge of the situation it is now asking questions.

The company reiterates that we want to cooperate with US authorities to address any concerns they may have regarding the products as well as the systems. "

Banned the company in September
"Department of Homeland Security" banned last month all federal agencies from using Kaspersky software and services.

Prior to this, the software was approved for use in 22 US state agencies.

At the same time, Kaspersky must have suspected that Israel has hacked them. The company referred to the damage "Duqu 2.0" in a technical analysis after suspicions appeared in June 2015.

The Duqu damage should have found its way into Kaspersky's systems, but was initially used as a spy tool aimed at state employees who negotiated with Iran about their nuclear program.

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Sources: WSJ (Pay view)

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