Here's what Apple's iPhone Internal Warranty Guide looks like

Apple | Sep 7, 2017 | Master3395

Shows what is being repaired.

Apple's guidelines for what is being repaired under the warranty for the iPhone 6, 6S and 7 have leaked online.

Made for internal technicians
The guide is designed for Apple's internal engineers to have a quick reference for what can be fixed or not.

"We have one for all the products," says an Apple technician for Business Insider. "It is used more for physical inspection and how we determine the cost of the damage. It's practically half of the training for iPhone technicians, he says.

For example, Apple covers the repair of particles between the screen and the glass and small pixel jets, and even thin screen breaks - as well as problems with the foam around the front camera.


Do not fix scratches with components
However, they do not fix problems due to clogging with the components of the phones, phones with batteries from other than Apple - or "catastrophic damage."

Nor do they cover water damage.

The guide also shows what issues Apple can fix beyond warranty, which means they can fix it for you - but it costs money.

This applies, for example, to damage that has occurred from losing the phone, a damaged lightning contact, or if the phone is bent.

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