[Microsoft] Create single desktop shortcut to open multiple web pages in Windows

Tutorials | Aug 26, 2017 | Master3395

It is possible to add several web page shortcuts to the Windows 10 desktop, but that might not be a good idea since it could cause a huge mess when things begin to pile up. So what should computer users do?

Well, we have an idea of how to get this done without downloading a new app. It’s all about creating a batch file though many computer users have no idea how this is done. No need to worry, we’re going to drop it like it’s hot and make it easy to understand.

Create single shortcut to open multiple web pages

First off, the user needs to set up the batch file by opening Notepad. Once the app is open, we require users to add “@echo off” at the top of the document, and then after that, add the start website URL in lines below.


We should point out that “website URL” should be the URL of the website. For example, should a user want to open TheWindowsCub, the URL will be www.thewindowsclub.com. Add other websites in the same manner in order to open them at the same time with the batch file.

If you do not specify the browser, the link will open in your default browser in seperate tabs:

@echo off
start www.thewindowsclub.com
start www.bing.com
start www.google.com

In the above case all the three sites will open in your default browser.
If you want the different links to open in different browsers, you can specify the browser as follows:

@echo off
start iexplore www.thewindowsclub.com
start chrome www.bing.com
start firefox www.google.com

Here the three links will open seperately in the browsers specified.

After everything above is done, we now need to save the Notepad file. So click File > Save As. Then users will need to enter a file name; it can be anything, as long as it contains .bat at the end. For this to happen, click the drop-down menu that says “Text Document” and click “All Files.” Rename the file and add the .bat and hit save.


Make sure to save to the desktop for quick access.

Once the batch file has been saved to the desktop, just double-click on it to launch all the websites at the same time.

Saving shortcuts to the desktop in this manner is great for saving space, so the desktop doesn’t end up looking like a cluttered mess. Plus, it also saves time, so for folks who have a lot of shortcuts littered on their desktop, we suggest giving this tip a try.

Bear in mind that you can add as many shortcuts to the batch file that you see fit. However, we do not recommend adding too much since it might take a while for all web pages to load, which might cause strain on some computer systems.

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