It's not just you - OneDrive is (partially) down

Microsoft | Aug 15, 2017 | Master3395

Microsoft's cloud storage service has had problems since the morning hours Friday.

Several report that Microsoft's filing service, OneDrive, is down and the company confirms it on the Office 365 service mode page.

Periodic access
Users who try to open are faced by a page either just standing and loading or a message about "something went wrong." Several people find that PC sync on PC does not work properly.

Under Office mode, the following is the following:

«Title: Can not access OneDrive. How are users affected: Users can not access their OneDrive files periodically. Current status: We are investigating the service logs to find the source of the problem. »

Do you experience problems with OneDrive?

You can see their status page here.

Sources: Office

Author: Master3395


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