Appeals Spotify for using fake artists

General | Jul 28, 2017 | Master3395

Even they deny the charges. The site Music Business Worldwide has repeated its accusations a year ago that Spotify uses fake artists in their playlists. Must reduce royalty costs This should be to reduce the cost of licensed music, as Spotify will own the rights of this music itself. According to the accusations, Spotify has saved as much as $ 25 million in practice, by pushing out other artists who cost more, which they themselves deny powerfully. "We do not use and have never created" fake "artists and put them in Spotify playlists," says a Spotify spokesman for Engadget as an answer to the article. - We do not own any rights to songs. We license all the music on Spotify and pay royalties to the licensees, "the spokesman continues. Maintains the charges However, more powerful allegations from Spotify earlier have not staggered the ancestors of Music Business Worldwide, which two days ago maintained the charges and quoted anonymous sources in the music industry that Spotify actually uses "fake" artists in their playlists. This will involve third parties licensing royalty-free music for a fixed agreed sum to Spotify, which is later used in playlists with many subscribers and receives millions of plays each. The artists are not found anywhere else According to Music Business Worldwide, it is strange that there are artists on Spotify who have received millions of plays that are not found anywhere else. These artists do not have any representation or record, and are not found on Facebook, Youtube, Apple Music, SoundCloud or anywhere else except Spotify's playlists, claims the website. They have also made a list of fifty artists that they think fit this profile and, as they say, must be fake artists. A sample of the first artist on this list, Amity Cadet, who has over 9 million plays on Spotify, reveals that this artist is also available on Last.fm, and some smaller mp3 pages, but no other major services. The entire list can be seen [url=https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/spotify-denies-its-playlisting-fake-artists-so-why-are-all-these-fake-artists-on-its-playlists/]here.[/url]

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Sources: Music Business Worldwide, Engadget

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