Now you can unlock your Windows 10 computer with the Galaxy S8

Microsoft | Jul 14, 2017 | Master3395

Samsung does not release major updates to the Flow app.

Back in February, we wrote about an upcoming feature of Samsung Flow that allows us to use a Galaxy mobile to unlock a Windows 10 PC.

big Update
In a recent update to Flow, this feature is finally in place. It works to use the finger sensor on your mobile via the Flow app. Users need to have installed Creators Update on the PC for this feature to work.

There are also two other news in Samsung's major update. For now, the Galaxy devices can synchronize mobile notifications - and answer them - to the PC. Additionally, users can also send text messages from a compatible Windows 10 machine.

To benefit from the news, you need to have one of the following Samsung mobile phones with Android Marshmallow or later installed:

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