Trojans install themselves from ad if this is enabled on Android

Google | Jun 22, 2017 | Master3395

Impossible to remove.

It is now spreading a Trojan called "Ks Clean" (kskas.apk) if you have enabled third party app installs and click on the wrong ad.

Can do more than serve advertising
The program promises to clean up, but it does not matter if you give the app full access to the system, whatever the app wishes.

Instead, something typically happens: The Android phone gets crowded with advertising, but since the Trojan is advanced, it may well be thought that the server may spell out more dangerous issues than before.

Remember to disable automatic download if this is enabled in your browser. Also, if you disable all sources other than the Google Play Store and stay away from luminous websites, you are very confident.

Locks completely
Uninstalling the app does not work - the only thing that can save a hit device is full formatting of the mobile or the board at the moment.

The advertisement that served the damage came from a forum called "Godlike Productions". They have not found the ad sinner yet, so this may be hidden in the space for a while before it is stopped. Be sure and disable installation from unsafe sources if you are unsure.

Keywords: Google, Android, security, virus

Sources: Zscaler

Author: Master3395


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