Google Chrome will block "annoying" ads in 2018

Google | Jun 19, 2017 | Master3395

But drop good ads through.

Google has taken to his blog to announce that Chrome will receive an ad blocker in early 2018 - but with a little twist.

Blocks just "annoying" ads
Chrome does not want to block all ads, such as AdBlock does, but will collaborate with The Coalition for Better Ads, which otherwise have members like Facebook, News Corp and The Washington Post, to get through ads that are not "annoying."

That is, they want to block ads, such as postponing access to a website before viewing the advertisement for ten seconds, ads that use auto-playing music and so on.

«Ads on the web should be better»
"We believe that ads on the web should be better. That's why we've joined The Coalition for Better Ads. This group has recently announced Better Ads Standards, which provides clear, public and data-driven advice on how industry can improve ads for consumers, "Google writes on his blog.

The point of writing the blog post as early as Chrome will not block ads until early next year is to prepare publishers for what's coming so they can improve their ads.

Slippers tool to check
At the same time, Google also has a tool to check your web pages to see if they fit their new advertising standards.

This tool will provide screenshots and videos of "annoying ad experiences" that Gogle has identified to make it easier for publishers to fix the issues.

Focused on providing the best experience
"Chrome has always focused on giving you the best experience when browsing online. For example, Chrome prevents spamming pages in new tabs based on annoying. In dialogue with the coalition and other industry groups, we plan to stop Chrome from showing ads (including those served by Google) on websites that are not compatible with Better Ads standards starting in 2018, "concludes Google.

This will do a few things, writes 9to5Google. First, advertisers and publishers will show ads that are not annoying, and secondly, it will ideally reduce the number of people using ad blockers that block all ads, thus rewarding publishers serving acceptable ads.

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