Facebook and Google dominate online traffic - in a few different ways

General | May 30, 2017 | Master3395

Competitors are small fish compared.

According to a recent survey conducted by Parse.ly, the search giant is Google and Facebook, who together almost completely demotomize traffic online.

Dominates the external traffic
In total, the two giants account for almost 80 percent of traffic references, but the users use the two services a bit differently, according to the survey. While users rely on Google search to find information on topics like sports, jobs and technology, Facebook is the useful source of lifestyle and entertainment.

The figures are based on ten million articles published in 2016 and which are part of the Parse.ly network.

Largest on each front
For lifestyle issues, about 87 percent of Faceook's external traffic and only seven percent came from Google search. For job ads, 84 percent of Google's external traffic came from 12 percent from Facebook.

In total, Facebook accounted for 39 percent of external traffic and Google for 35 percent. Other sources, such as Bing and Pinterest, were in many cases less than one percentage point of external traffic, the survey shows to Parse.ly.

Do you prefer Facebook or Google when you are looking for information on the world wide web?

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