Microsoft offers early Creators Update installation - for those who do not want to wait

Microsoft | Apr 4, 2017 | Master3395

Here is Windows 10 dates.

This week, Microsoft could confirm that Windows 10 Creators Update rolled out to users on April 11.

Can be downloaded from 5 April
Do not want to wait till the current date by downloading large update that includes exciting Game Mode, Microsoft has a good news.

As of 5 April, users can download and install Creators Update manually via Update Assistant utility. It is the same tool that we earlier this week used to install the update.

On Windows Experience Blog writes Microsoft that they expect that the full deployment will take several months to complete. This is because there are so many different devices and configurations that get the update.

These are the dates
Last night, Microsoft announced the first complete update for Windows 10 Creators Update, but so far they have not released it.

On Twitter, type the company's Brandon LeBlanc that "it is on the way." The update includes the following:

  • We fixed an issue where on Surface devices, Bluetooth radio fails to re-enumerate during hibernate / resume.
  • We fixed an issue with McAfee Enterprise two preventseverybody a system crash When The product driver is installed on build 15060 Configured with Device Guard.

To summarize:

  • March 29: Xbox One gets the update.
  • April 5: The first opportunity for PC / tablet users to upgrade via Update Assistant.
  • April 11: The roll-out to PC / tablet starts.
  • April 25: Windows 10 Mobile get the update.

PS. You can update already today by downloading an official ISO file from Microsoft.

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