‘Wishbone’ Teen Quiz App, Has Been Hacked with Personal Data Being Exposed

IT | Mar 27, 2017 | Master3395

According to Motherboard, Wishbone has just been hacked with lots of user data being exposed. Wishbone is popular with many kids under the age of 18 nowadays as it has lots of interesting ideas for the kids. According to the report, at least 2.2 million accounts were exposed with data such as email addresses and phone numbers being stolen. 287,000 phone numbers are also reported to have been exposed in the hack.

Wishbone is very popular in the United States with lots of kids having access to it from their iPods and iPhones. At the moment, it is rated as the fourteenth on iTunes in the social networks section. The app is owned by Science which is a technology firm in the United States.

Science, owner of Wishbone, was quick in letting the affected accounts know of the breach. It sent out notifications through email stating that the hack took place in the 14th of March. The same hack employed the use of a private API in accessing the private information from the popular teen app. Among the details accessed includes personal emails, usernames, James, passwords, and even birth dates if the user provided them. Science also sent out an in-app notification to the users about the breach.

Even after sending out the messages, it is too little too late as the hackers have already made away with the information they needed. In fact, Science has not stated whether it recovered any type of data from the breach. It is also by luck that most users were kids without personal phone numbers as they played the game in their iPods.

Science, the creator of the app, issued a statement that;

We value your privacy and deeply regret that this incident occurred. Maintaining the integrity of your personal information is extremely important to us. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this incident may have caused you. We are continuing to investigate this matter and have taken and will continue to take appropriate action to prevent future similar incidents. Please be assured that we will keep you informed of any developments in the investigation that may be of importance to you.

The Wishbone app has been used by teenagers to give their views on the latest trends in pop culture. Users give in various issues such as the type of messaging app they would rather use or which celebrity is cuter than the other. To some, it is simply meant to waste time while giving the users a chance to participate in current trends.

If one has this app installed on their gadgets or those of their kids, they should take the needed measures to prevent any further damage. While Wishbone is dealing with the issue, there is the increasing need to stay secure at all times when using modern apps that need private information to work.

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