In 2003, scrapped the metropolis of Windows in favor of Linux

Microsoft | Feb 10, 2017 | Master3395

Now it can do an about-face.

In 2003 came empty-handed Steve Ballmer back to Redmond in the US after a trip to Munich. The German city had chosen Linux and OSS Office Suite rather than Windows and Office. The process of installing Linux version LiMux of around 15,000 workstations was completed in 2013 - ten years later.

Determined This Week
Often referred to as a Linux pioneer, but now there may be changes. In a meeting of the city council this week will be determined whether Munich to switch to Windows 10.

Politicians have put forward a new recommendation on the reorganization of the city's IT setup. Person committee wants them to go for a Windows-based client architecture. The Committee emphasizes that there should be a necessity that they use "standard products" for compatibility with software from companies like SAP.

If the selection is victorious, will all of Munich administration's PCs a few years running Windows 10. For a transitional period should they employ few choose to use Windows 10 or Linux.

Moved head office to the city
Dieter Reiter, city mayor, referred to as a control power provider to get Windows back to official PCs. After he was elected in 2014, he commissioned a report from consultants, including Microsoft partner Accenture. In conclusion it was that employees should be given the option of using Windows and Office.

Matthias Kirschner, head of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), said in a statement that "Reiter has been against free software since he was elected" and that he "took pride in that Microsoft moved their offices to Munich." Microsoft moved its headquarters in Germany to the city last fall.

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