Torrent Site Links Might Be Soon Banned By Google

Google | Feb 6, 2017 | Master3395

According to a media report, Google and other search engines are soon going to implement new measures to curb the level of online piracy. The companies might banish torrent links from their search results. The search engines and Hollywood studios have reportedly arrived at some agreement. Well, as the users will still have the option to directly visit their favorite torrent sites, this step won’t be having much impact.

Since a long time, Hollywood entertainment companies have blamed Google and other search engines for ‘promoting’ piracy by listing the content of torrent websites. However, Google continues to take different steps to filter the copyright infringing content from its results and keeps removing such links. In last year alone, Google was flooded with more than a billion takedown requests. 

The world was shocked when the most popular torrent site KickassTorrents was taken down (hey, it’s back). Still, there were many other popular websites that fulfilled the needs of users. Now, to curb these websites even further, multiple discussions between search companies and entertainment studios took place with the help of British Intellectual Property Office, TF reports.

During these meetings, the internet companies were reportedly close to arriving at a voluntary agreement to deal with the appearance of torrent links in the search results.

But, will such a provision be implemented in near future? It’s being speculated that a draft amendment to Digital Economy Bill committee will allow the government to impose regulations on search engines, forcing them to take more stringent measures.

However, after the meeting, as different parties agreed on many terms, the need for such a regime looks thin.

At the moment, the official details of any such meeting are thin as it was ‘undocumented.’ Well, I personally feel that Google and other search engines aren’t going to take such extreme measures voluntarily. Even if the search engines start banning torrent links from the search results, the users will still have the option to visit the website directly.

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