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Changes color when you touch it

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The iPhone 15 Pro is around 10 percent lighter due to the titanium frame and feels lighter in the hand because of science.

Fingerprints discolor

But as always when large companies launch important products, there is one or more things that get a little extra attention. Not only is titanium lighter, but the point was also to avoid seeing so many fingerprints on the edges of the mobiles. This mostly works well with the transition from steel, but especially with the black iPhone 15 Pro model, you will see grease marks more than with the other colors.


There is also the "big" controversy this year: by greasing the frames, the titanium frame discolors until you wash it off with a cloth. To avoid the problem, you have to wrap it in a cover, but then the nice design also disappears and you don't see any natural colors anyway.


Wash gently with a cloth

Now Apple confirms in a help document that temporary discoloration is a thing. On the "Clean iPhone" page, Apple explains how to clean a number of models. The Norwegian site has not been updated since May, but the American site was updated on September 21, and has information related to the latest models:


“With the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, the oil from your skin can temporarily change the color of the outer band. Wipe the iPhone with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth and you will restore the original appearance,” confirms the company after images from the first testers first appeared. As usual, Apple warns against using cleaning agents as this will "reduce the coating and may scratch your iPhone."

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