Pin the Control Panel to Your Taskbar for Quicker Access to Your Most-Used Windows Tools

Microsoft | Nov 21, 2016 | Master3395

If there are Control Panel apps you use all the time, why not make accessing them quicker? Just pin the Control Panel to your taskbar or Start menu and then pin individual apps to its jump list.

Hit Start, type “control panel,” and then hit Enter or click the result


Right-click the Control Panel icon on your taskbar and select “Pin to taskbar.”


While the Control Panel window is still open, click each of your favorite sections to open them. This will make them appear in the jump list’s recent section.

Open the jump list for the Control Panel shortcut by right-clicking the icon. Point your mouse at any of the recent items to reveal a pushpin and use that to pin your favorites to the jump list.


Now, you’ll have ready access to all those tools. A simple trick? Absolutely. But it’s one of those you may not have thought of doing.

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Author: Master3395


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