Hacked iPhone - won 1.6 million

Apple | Oct 30, 2016 | Master3395

Chinese hackers installed programs and stole images from updated iPhone.

Several of the world's best hackers gathered Japan to compete in the Pwn2Own contest, hosted by Trend Micro's Zero Day Initiative - and the results are already clear.

Although iOS 10.1 update sealed part hole and came out right before the competition, managed it kinsesiske made Keen Lab to hack both an updated iPhone and a Nexus without any particular problems.

stole photos

Tencent-owned Keen Lab managed to use two vulnerabilities in the iPhone 6s for stealing photos from your phone. They also managed to install an application on Apple mobile but this program could not survive a reboot, thanks to a default setting that prevents this.

In spite of this, the vulnerabilities that were used in the attack purchased by Zero Day Initiative 60 $ 000 (480 000), possibly for later use.

Installed app on Nexus

Keen team also managed to install a malicious app on a Nexus 6P, and repeated the attack three times to win the 102,500 dollar (820,000 million). Also here used Keen Lab two different vulnerabilities - along with an unspecified vulnerability in Android.

Total won Keen Lab 200,000 dollars in the competition, or 1.6 million Norwegian kroner. What happens with hacked their afterward when they are purchased by the Zero Day Initiative is not known.

Here is a brief summary of the contest:

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Author: Master3395


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