iPhone 7 revealed on September 7

Apple | Aug 29, 2016 | Master3395

Now it's official.

After months of speculation should Apple finally debunk and confirm all the rumors 7 September.

Completely new camera
It is namely the date the company will showcase its new iPhone (iPhone 7 is enough name due date and invitation tagline - also note unfocused Apple invitation logo, which hints toward the two-lens system), perhaps the new MacBook Pro and possibly Apple Watch 2.

Next year the iPhone new design
It is not expected major upgrades this year's iPhone besides better performance, camera and minor design changes. Jo, also becomes the new models obviously launched with iOS 10.

Many would call elimination of 3.5mm port like a step back, but it is therefore expected that this is the biggest change for the vast majority of the new model.

roblox-network will follow all revelations extending Wednesday 7 September.

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