Opera server breach incident

IT | Aug 27, 2016 | Master3395

Has informed all users and requesting they change their passwords on their sync accounts.

Earlier this week, then discovered Opera characters in one burglary in their system for synchronizing passwords.

Passwords and usernames astray
In a press release writing Opera that their research shows that some data, including user passwords and usernames may have fallen into the wrong hands.

They also wrote in the press release that they only store encrypted or hashed and salted passwords for authentication, but to be on the safe side so they reset the password for all users of the service.

blocked early
So it was earlier this week that the attack was discovered and Opera said in the press release that the attack was quickly blocked and that their investigation is ongoing at time of writing.

Contacted all users
All users of the service, about 1.7 million, is the contact of the Opera with information about the event and instructions for how to change the password. To change your password, you can go directly to the reset password.

The remaining users of the Opera, 350 million, according to the press release does not have to do anything about this.

Opera exit press release that they take security very seriously and will regret the inconvenience this may cause for their users.

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